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Santa Claus Jeff (click for more) Santa Bill and his cute little elf
(click for more)
Santa Bill and one of his toy making elves (click for more)
Santa Claus Mark (click for more) Santa Claus Richard Santa Claus Earl (click for more)

Santa Claus - nothing says Christmas in Dallas and Ft. Worth like he does! When you have a party, Santa makes it a Christmas party. Why hire your Santa here? First, we have a large selection of experienced Santas. Second, we perform a criminal background check on every Santa. Third, our Santas are performers, and for them, this is a career instead of a part time gig. Fourth, variety! For example, Santa Lico is a Mexican Santa, and ideal for a celebration with a Hispanic flair. Santa Earl was featured in Christmas print advertising for American Airlines in 2001. Santa Gary plays his saxophone to get the crowd in a holiday mood. Santa Mark can bring a Santa chair - perfect for photos because it is wide enough for two! Fifth, and most of all, memories. As one customer wrote to us:
                                      "Our evening brought back childhood thoughts of Christmas time." - Susan Pitts
We think that's the best reason to go with one of our Santas - happy, holiday memories.

Santa Claus Joe T. (click for more) Santa Claus Lico Santa Claus Patrick
Santa Claus Brett Santa Claus Gary (click for more) Santa Claus Robert

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Mrs. Santa Claus Bell Show


Mrs. Claus (click for song list)

The cool promise of Christmas is in the air. A crowd is gathered at the Holiday event, excitement crackling in the air around them. At a word, the sound of bells fills the hall as tens of people merrily ring out a Christmas carol. The sound captivates as live music always does - yet these are not professional musicians. No, these are guests at the event. The spirit of the season comes from the smiles and sounds of guests playing music together, and the happiness they feel right now will stay with them for weeks to come. That is the Mrs. Claus bell show!

If you are tone deaf but can distinguish colors YOU can be taught in just 3 minutes how to play bells! Margaret has several wonderful Holiday songs including Silver Bells, Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Joy to the World, and more! Up to 37 people can play together in the bell choir. This show has been featured on stage at events from intimate home parties to large city events such as the City of Dallas Holiday Wish Celebration 2004 with over 20,000 people in attendance. 

This program can be adjusted, from a 30 minute performance with storytelling or Mrs. Claus with her Mary Talks A Lot Doll, down to 15 minute bell sessions. You can even arrange a "come and go" 10 minute version of the Bell Show for mingling audiences at large events. This 10 minute version can be repeated 3 times per hour as crowds change. We provide sound equipment and all the fun. You only provide an electrical outlet and the crowd! This is age appropriate for 6 and up, but don't think this is just for children! Mrs. Claus frequently performs her bell show JUST for adults!

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Carollers, Sno Sho, Christmas train, reindeer, Santa's chair & sleigh, Photography




Alphie Elf Cookie the Elf David the Elf (click for more)

"Thanks so much for the fabulous show on Friday! We loved it- all ages, including adults loved it! That is impressive to appeal to that many age groups. We look forward to booking you again in the future."
- Jennifer Davis, Broadway Baptist Church

Santa Claus is the center of a Christmas party. However, with larger events - such as a multi-hour mall or HOA celebration - you might want an elf to help with the crowds. Our elves are experienced entertainers who adopt this character just for the Holidays. They can perform stand alone shows, or keep the crowd entertained as they wait their turn for Santa. Whether you want someone who juggles or someone who gets the giggles with an adorable Christmas puppet show, we have an elf who is just right.

Miz Eltow (click for more) Noel the Elf Jolly the Elf
Elf Gator Peppermint the Elf (click for more)  

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Christmas Characters


The Snow Queen (click for more)

Roudette (click for more)

Rudolph Red Nose (click for more)

We don't know what it is about Christmas that inspires so many artists - we just know that some of the most memorable characters of all are Christmas characters. We've got Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer as a costume character to mingle with the crowds (and yes, his nose **does** light up!) We have Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen with a show kids will love. We even have Scrooge, right from the story by Charles Dickens, and ready to delight older audiences with his penny-pinching ways. In addition we've got some new characters for Christmas, like Roudette (Rudolph's cousin) with a talking Christmas tree puppet. And if you bring in the Christmas train, add Mr. Conductor - a stilt walking character to help make a BIG impression!

Yes, you've found the place to add an extra special touch to your Christmas party. We look forward to working with you for many, many marvelous memories this year!

Scrooge Mr. Conductor (click for more)

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Christmas make-up/Face paint

(click for a bigger look) (click for a bigger look) (click for a bigger look)
Face paint is a popular addition to a party, including a Christmas party! We have many fun designs that reflect the spirit of the season. Your guests will sparkle and twinkle like ornaments with our make-up designs. Let us work with you to make the party more memorable, and give your guests something extra- a bit of the Christmas spirit they can wear all the way home.

(click for a bigger look)

(click for a bigger look) (click for a bigger look)

(click for a bigger look)

(click for a bigger look)


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The holidays are a magical time. For your party this year, add a special touch that your guests will remember all year long - the Magic of Christmas show.

Here is an experienced magician with the right blend of charm, comedy, and head shaking magical effects. With the Magic of Christmas, your guests will not believe what they see. Imagine the ooh's as tiny Christmas trees and decorations appear from thin air. Along the way, two of Santa's helpers keep changing places, and the audience thinks they know how (everyone laughs when they discover they were wrong!) An out ot season bunny joins the fun, and then, with the magic words, Santa appears from a tiny sleigh!

The Magic of Christmas has warmed hearts and unleashed laughter for over 20 seasons. It is a classic program enjoyed by all audiences. The entire program is built upon holiday magic, keeping it seasonally appropriate. The show is filled with music, audience participation, and a sack full of fun. Your guests will talk about this show well into the new year!

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Strolling Carollers


Make your Christmas party extra special this year with our Victorian carolers. These singers will enchant you with their lovely voices. You will go down memory lane to an earlier Christmas when sugar plum fairies danced before your eyes, and the house smelled of cinnamon and apple cider. This is the perfect strolling group. They will walk through your party adding atmosphere and putting everyone in a holiday mood. No set up. No clean up. No worry. Just book them and be happy! Your guests will remember your party for a long, long time.

(We have a quartet and a trio available for parties. 2 hour minimum. Contact us early for best availability!

Enjoy some songs by our Christmas carolers

White Christmas

Winter Wonderland

A Christmas Wish

I'll be Home For Christmas

(These four are mp3 files. After clicking, the music player on your computer should open to play the song. If it does, and you cannot hear the music, please check to be sure your speakers are plugged in, turned on, and the volume is turned up. Check out their more than 50 songs, sacred and secular, to match the mood of every celebration!)

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Make & Take Sno-Sho


Before the big storm of 2013, some kids in the Dallas Ft.Worth area had never seen snow. They won't have to wait with the Sno-Sho! We provide buckets of snow (shaved ice) and they provide the artistry to create and decorate their very own sno-man. Your guests will chill their hands in the snow, decorating with yarn, pipe cleaners, tiny dots for buttons and eyes, and more. Parents will have their phones out, taking photos of 'Frosty' to shar. When the party is over, our staff cleans and clears, leaving you with of compliments for a really 'cool' party! How much 'sno' do you need? With one table, you can provide this fun for up to 150 - 200 children an hour. How's that for big fun packed into a small package?

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The Christmas Train


For kids who love the book The Polar Express, this is a dream made real! This little train will light up their eyes as they ask "can I go next?" The train is a model of an old fashioned steam engine, like the Polar Express. Children will imagine they are on their own trip to the North Pole with this trackless train! Our train is a beautiful hand crafted work of art to carry children on a fun filled ride they can imagine ends at North Polar Station.

The train holds up to 24 children at a time. It MUST run on concrete and requires a wide turning radius, so parking lots or streets are perfect for the Christmas Train. All aboard for a delightful Christmas memory this year!

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(click for a bigger look)

Thanks to Rudolph and the Night Before Christmas, we have the impression that their nose can glow, and they can fly! Actually, reindeer are fairly quiet, grazing animals, much larger than many you may realize. Simply getting close enough to one to get a photo makes a timeless memory. The effect of a real, live reindeer is nearly magical on children - who know Rudolph - and even on adults, who put aside their hectic schedules and smile. We can provide you with a real reindeer for your Christmas party, helping to make your event even more special. Just imagine how many years people will show their friends the photo from your celebration, when they got to see and touch a real reindeer. Yes, when you want to leave a long lasting impact, use the magic of reindeer!

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Santas sleigh & chair


(click for a bigger look)

How exciting would it be to see St. Nicholas go across the sky in his sleigh, pulled by eight magical reindeer? Thanks to the poem, A Visit From St. Nicholas, that is a popular Christmas picture. While we can't get flying reindeer, we can get a beautiful Santa sleigh. It is an antique sleigh, ideal for your guests to sit for photos, or even to sit with Santa. Before you ask, no, the reindeer do not pull this sleigh. (In fact, the sleigh was originally pulled by horses.) Once the sleigh is delivered to your party location, we'll get it set up - inside or outside, depending upon your event - so that guests can walk over. Make sure you choose a place with lots of room - this is quite a draw!

(click for a bigger look)

Speaking of sitting with Santa, here is another reason to book with Funny Business - a Santa chair for photos. This chair is available for your events, designed with a Christmas flair, and best of all, wide enough for two. Yes, the classical depiction is sitting on Santa's lap to tell him the Christmas list. Realistically, children past the age of 4 or 5 may not want to sit on Santa's lap. This chair gets them right next to Santa with no fuss, yet in a perfect place for photos. Consider renting our Santa chair for your event - it adds a nice touch, and gives everyone a good place to sit.


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Would you like to capture the perfect children's photos with Santa? We can do that with the most advanced technology available! Many Santa photographers cannot print instant photos. They either take the photo, save them and have to mail the photo to you later (which takes the chance of getting lost in holiday mail) or the photo takes forever to print out - sometimes 5-10 minutes! Our photos take only 20 seconds from flash to print! We take the photo, and while the child is telling Santa what they want for Christmas the photo is printing! When they leave Santa's side the photo is processed and ready for you to take with you as a wonderful souvenir of the time spent with Santa. Our professional photographer can also set up a beautiful red and gold drape backdrop, a Santa throne (actually a couch that can seat up to 3) and professional lighting so the guests look their best.

Santa Santa's elf helps set up Photographer takes photo with Santa

(click for a bigger look)

(click for a bigger look)

(click for a bigger look)

Christmas photos with Santa Santa and his elf  

(click for a bigger look)

(click for a bigger look)


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The holiday season is such a special time for celebration, and DFW Funny Business has performers who add to the party. We have children entertainers, storytellers, puppet workers, puppeteers, ventriloquists, marionette operators, hand puppet performers, face painters, ballooners, and character artists to fill the roles of elves, reindeer, Rudolph's sister Roudette, Santa, Santa Claus, Santa Clause, and even Mrs. Claus! Your Christmas season event will have more laughs, more smiles, and more energy in Addison, Aledo, Allen, Alvarado, Alvord, Anna, Argyle, Arlington, Aubrey, Austin, and Azle with our crew on hand to help. Count on us to get the giggles for happy, smiling kid's faces in photos taken with Santa or by the Xmas tree in Balch Springs, Bardwell, Bartonville, Bedford, Ben Franklin, Blue Ridge, Boyd, Bridgeport, Buckingham, or Burleson.

We can arrange for you to have an elf who makes seasonal balloon animals. Imagine the young guests at your party, event, commemoration, celebration, gathering, supper, festival, or tree lighting in Caddo Mills, Campbell, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Celeste, Celina, Chico, Cleburne, Cockrell Hill, The Colony, Colleyville, Combine, Commerce, Cooper, Coppell, Copper Canyon, Corinth, Corral City, Crandall, Crossroads, or Crowley with reindeer antlers - made of ballons! For a decoration they can hold, get your preschool, Sunday school, nursery school, classroom, play area, living room, family room, office, or work area hosting smiling adults and children with X-mas decorations like candy canes, wreaths, angels, bells, stars, and more made with balons, or beautifully panted on a cheek or hand by a face painter.

We provide experienced, skilled performers who add color, laughter, merriment, and music at your Christmas gathering. Mrs. Claus has a ringing bell show which involves volunteers from the audience in making the festive music. She declares (and proves) if you can distinguish colors, then you can join her in the bell choir to send music throughout Collin County, Dallas County, Denton County, Parker County, Tarrant County, and all over the DFW region. She'll give your guests another reason - musical achievement - for smiling in Decatur, Denton, DeSoto, Double Oak, Duncanville, Enloe, Ennis, Euless, Fairview, Farmers Branch, Farmersville, Ferris, Flower Mound, Forney, Forreston, Fort Worth, Ft Worth, or Frisco. That will be a fabulous holiday memory for the participants!

Of course we have costume entertainers to fill the role as special guests in Holiday time! Have you ever had reindeer mingling at your event, posing for pictures, and even displaying manners? We have a pair of entertainers who wear a reindeer costume that guests - especially kids - just love. Kids will talk about the costume reindeer just like they were animals, yet you haven't got to deal with the wildness of actual reindeer. The costume reindeer are friendly with a nose that lights up, and a willingness to pose for photos. When you'd like reindeer to add to the atmosphere without introducing an animal to your event, request one of our costume reindeer. They'll make this year's event extra special!

Audiences will enjoy telling one of our Santa's what they want for Christmas while parents or friends snap photos, pictures, and film of the visit by Big Red to Irving, Garland, Godley, Grand Prairie, Grandview, Grapevine, Greenville, Haltom City, Haslet, Hickory Creek, Highland Park, Highland Village, Hurst, Hurst/Euless/Bedford, HEB, or Hutchins. We also have Christmas carol singers to make the walls echo with holiday music, sharing songs and carols!

Some Santas even bring their own chair to add to the celebration atmosphere! It makes the moment more special when the child sits with Santa in a special seasonal throne. It makes pictures stand out even more in Irving, Italy, Josephine, Joshua, Justin, Kaufman, Keene, Keller, Kennedale, Klondike, Krugerville, Krum, Lake Creek, Lake Dallas, Lakewood Village, Lancaster, Lavon, Lewisville, Little Elm, Lone Oak, Lucas. And when those guests are showing a Yule glitter tattoo, face painting, or eye makeup designs, and maybe holding a Yuletime balloon sculpture like a candy cane, reindeer, snowman, snowflake, or even a Santa, you'll get more smiles for the party in Mabank, Mansfield, Maypearl, McKinney, Melissa, Mesquite, Midlothian, Milford, Millsap, and Murphy, Nevada, Newark, North Richland Hills, Oak Point, Palmer, Paradise, Pecan Gap, Pilot Point, Plano, Ponder, Poolville, Princeton - even Prosper!

For the Twelve Days of Christmas, contact us to arrange a sleigh ride which makes December even more special. We can make your Festival of the Lights, lighting ceremony, or other Christmas party event in the 12 Days of X-mas more memorable, more photogenic, more fun with an elf, a Mrs. Claus, a Santa, Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer's sister Roudette with her marionetes, or other costumed characters for your tree lighting, gift giving, or other celbration. We'll make the time of year more special for your guests in Quinlan, Red Oak, Rhome, Richardson, Richland Hills, Rio Vista, Roanoke, Rockwall, Rosser, Rowlett, Royse City, Sachse, St Paul, Sanger, Scurry, Seagoville, Shady Shores, Southlake, Springtown, Sunnyvale, Terrell, University Park, Venus, Waxahachie, Weatherford, Westlake, Westminster, Weston, Whitt, Wilmer, Wolfe City, and Wylie with our entertainers.

May you have a wonderful gathering, and many happy holiday memories!



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