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Graphic for the Texas Clown Association Best All Around Clown in 2008.

Texas Clown Association 2008 Winner Margaret Clauder.
Margaret with the medals she won in 6 contests.

We're not the only ones who think Margaret is outstanding.

Every year, something funny happens in Texas. Odd people with enormous shoes, striking hair, and peculiar ideas about how much make-up ought to be worn gather for the Texas Clown Convention (TCA), hosted by a different city each year. It is the largest convention of it's kind, with hundreds of clowns attending.

Think of it as Clown Med, an annual destination just for clowns. They go to renew friendships, to shop, and to attend lectures. (In fact, in 2009, our own Heart Throb will teach balloon twisting!) When you find a clown working, they appear to be happy, easy going people. That all changes at the TCA when it is time for the competitions!

Clowns are fierce competitors, and whether it is third, second, or first place, every winner in the contest truly earns their award. At the end of the annual convention, The Best All Around Clown is awarded. To even be considered, a clown has to enter all 10 competitions, and place in a bunch of them.

In 2008, Margaret Clauder (Maggie the Magical Clown®) won as the the Best All Around Clown at the Texas Convention. Congratulations, Margaret!

List of contests, award won, and for group competitions, other group members.
Single Balloon 2nd Place Margaret Clauder
Multiple Balloon 1st Place Margaret Clauder
Character 2nd Place Margaret Clauder
Group Paradeability 2nd Place Margaret Clauder, Bernadette Kelly, Sandee Findley, Joyce McKelvey
Group Skit 1st place Margaret Clauder, Susan Keys, Tricia Gregory
Performance 3rd Place Margaret Clauder

Best All Around Clown -
Margaret Clauder

Photograph of Best All Around Clown 2008 Margart Clauder.
Margaret holding the TCA Best All Around Clown trophy for 2008