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Birthday Party Magicians
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Do you believe in magic . . . ? Our magicians are so good, you might believe again. Why were movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter so popular? Because people love magic. They love to BELIEVE that it COULD be real. They love to be whisked away to far away places where dreams come true. Our magicians will bring that feeling to you and your guests! They take an ordinary event and make it extraordinary. Imagine the look on a child's face as they get to wave a magic wand and believe that they made magic happen! Funny Business helps those dreams come true!

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Magician Will



Will - the right name for a magician who will get
their attention, will fool 'em, and will get the laughs!

Photograph of Will performing card magic with a blow gun, ducks, and balloons.
Find My Card - click here to read about card magic done the way kids like - with lots of laughs, colors, and funny faces. Kids will love Will's humor!

Will - after spending just a few minutes with him, we thought 'what a perfect name for a magician.' Perhaps it was the first touch of magic in his life that his parents named him Will. It is a good name for someone who will always find a way to be silly and mystifying, leaving kids amazed and laughing. Kids are big fans of Will - and he is a big fan of kids. They are such fans of one another, it is hard to declare one a bigger fan over the other - and this is part of why Will is such a good choice for your party. Why else? Well, because Will is so wonderfully entertaining for kids - he will leave them delighted!

When you look at these pictures, you'll see an entertainer who does just that - entertain. With funny expressions and silly routines, he has the audience laughing. Indeed, family entertainment with lots of humor, laughter, and colorful surprises are key to Will's approach. The pictures we're sharing show moments from just a few routines - Will has lots he can use. To keep the show fresh, Will keeps mixing it up. If you were lucky enough to be at two of his shows over a weekend, you'd likely see different effects at each show. The only thing they'd have in common is fun, laughter, and colorful surprise.

Unless both parties wanted Will to perform a levitation; then you'd witness similar magic. You'd watch as Will performed the magic on one of the kids in the audience to have them under a spell where it appears that the child is floating in the air! This is like the kind of magic you might see on television - performed at a birthday party!

On his party request form you'll find the magical entertainment options that Will can provide. You'll select Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond for your party. Will is also good at making balloon animals, so you can have him delight the guests with magic, and then make a balloon animal for each of them to take home. Whatever option you select, your guests will have magical fun!

To book Will for your event, send us a Price Request form!

Photo of Magician Will with props for a silent magic routine.

Photo of Will with Nikki, holding the character silks.

Picture of another routine with magic and surprise performed by Magic Will.

Magical Music & Rings - click here to read more about this example of Will's pantomime, silent magic.

Secret Side Revealed - click for a large view of Will clowning around.

Pom-Pom Puzzle - click here for more about this routine. It is another effect that leaves kid's astonished!

Brett - a practically perfect kid's magician
Photograph of magician Brett holding red balls.
Kids will be enchanted
by Brett's magical show!

What's the recipe for the ideal kid's birthday party magician?

  • Must truly enjoy kids.
  • Must specialize in children's entertainment.
  • Should have degree in child development.
  • Must have excellent performing skills.
  • Must also have good shows that kids love!

If that is your formula, then we have the entertainer for you - Brett! He has all of these qualities, and they make his shows second to none!

For example, Brett's shows often have 3 variations, depending upon the age range. He adjusts effects and his routines to be sure that the children laugh at the jokes, enjoy the comedy, and witness effects that excite them! For mixed age audiences, Brett keeps the older children engaged while entertaining the younger members of the audience. On top of all that, Brett is a perfectionist in his performance skills - your guests will never catch Brett flubbing an effect due to lack of practice.

Brett has several programs, such as the Itty Bitty Magic Show, which is great for childen aged 3 - 5. This show uses puppets, colorful magic simple enough for children that age to understand, and funny business that will appeal to these little guests. For elementary school children (through 5th or 6th grade) Brett has a more sophisticated magic show that is still funny. He has developed the Electric Magic Show, which requires a dimly lit room for magical effects with light, black lights, and even 3-D magical moments. This show has jaw dropping 'wow' factor that leaves the children saying 'we never saw anything like that before!'

With all of his shows, you never have to worry about Brett using off color humor or coarse jokes. He is a father, and family entertainer through and through. With Brett, you let him start, and then sit back for a 45 minute show that keeps the children focused, laughing, and above all, amazed, wondering 'how did he DO that?!'

"My son loved the whole thing and was so excited. The other kids also really enjoyed it. He was great at getting my son and other kids involved while making my son feel special . . . We hope to use you again next year!" - Lynn & Michael Clark (read more reviews here!)

To book Brett for your event, send us a Price Request form!

Dal - Mystifying from elementary to high school!
  Publicity photo of Dal with a bird cage and some oranges.
Ready to watch a canary vanish from the cage - before your very eyes?

Dal has entertained children from elementary school on up. Older kids are a challenge for many magicians. They are too cool for 'baby' magic, but not ready for a Las Vegas style show. Dal can customize his program for the most challenging, discerning audience - no matter what age they are! Adults are left wondering 'how'd he do that, and when'd he do that?' while kids breathlessly declare they saw 'real magic!' And what do the teenagers say? 'That was cool!'

The magic could be watching someone float (an effect Dal always includes), seeing a giant scarf get cut in half and magically restored, or staring as Dal pulls coins right from the air. The audience will be present for magic, and they'll watch as helpers make the magic happen. At the same time, the kids will be focused on the charismatic Dal, eager for what comes next, excited to be on this laugh filled magical journey. In fact, Dal is so funny as a performer, it is hard for an audience to choose what they liked best, the magic or the comedy!

Polished performer - truly funny guy - experienced magician - and family man, Dal is an excellent choice when you want magic for any kid show audience! Would you like Dal to make your birthday party a whole lot more magical? Book Dal for your event with this Price Request form!

Photo of Dal performing a magic trick with a napkin.   Picture of Dal performing a children's show.
It's comedy moments like this that
bring a touch of magical charm to Dal's shows!
  Notice that the kids are still, all eyes are on Dal, and
even the helpers are focused. He is great with kids!
Prof. Armstrong Tuttle - A Lively Story Book Style Magic Show
You can check for yourself
there is nothing in the bag!

Professor Armstrong Tuttle is the assistant department head of Wizard vs Muggle magic at the renowned American based, "Salem Institute of Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks." He has traveled extensively around the U.S. performing for Muggles at fairs, sharing wizard vs muggle magic. Prof. Armstrong opened for country western star Sherwin Hensley, Doo-Wha Riders, as well as hypnotists Michael Mezmer and Susan Rosen. He has performed at Harry Potter book and film openings, and appeared at private parties and corporate events.

His course shows examples of Divination, Levitation, Charms, and fun magic!

Both adults and kids are entertained by Professor Tuttle's quick wit, and course of study. He uses comedy and instruction to thrill audiences of all ages. Tuttle's show appeals to audiences of all ages! With 30 years experience, Professor Tuttle will be a hit at your party!

"Prof Tuttle was wonderful; he made the party! Thanks" — Sara Lindsey

To have the Professor for your event, send us a Price Request form!

Nothing more than a handy bag -
click to make sure!
Mouseover to view the magic -
or click for the big picture!
Prof. Tuttle has quite a 'hand'ful!
Look closer for a wizard in trouble!

Harry Potter Style Magic with Professor Moon

Photo of Professor Moon character.
Professor Moon ready for a magical good time!

Earl's "Professor Moon" will delight audiences who are Wild About Harry - Potter that is. His fast paced magic class will take kids through transfigurations, potions, and more as they are transported to Hogwart's for a rip roaring class on magic they will not forget! Earl has been performing his brand of Harry Potter Magic for many years. Every time a new Potter book was introduced he was a fixture at many area bookstores for the unveiling! Boys and girls alike will sit in amazement as this Master Wizard enchants them!

Earl is another outstanding entertainer who also works as a Funny Business Santa during the Christmas season.

To reserve Professor Moon, send us a Price Request form!

Egypt & Magic with Prof. Applehill
Photograph of childrens character Professor Applehill with a puppet.
Prof. Applehill on expedition, with
a friend! Can you guess where?

Did your children love the Indiana Jones movies and wish for adventures like Indy? Were their favorite parts of The Mummy the recreations of life in Egypt? Do you have a child who begged you to visit the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Natural History? If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions; if your child is crazy about ancient Egypt; and you are having a party for children between the ages of 8 - 13, then Professor Applehill is what you are looking for! Your children and your guests will love this character!   

Professor Applehill is a nutty professor who is also an amateur archeologist. He takes the audience on a trip through ancient Egypt along the Nile River. Together, they search among the sands for the famous lost tomb of "King Pup" (the pet dog of "King Tut".) Along the way the audience learns about daily life in Egypt 3,000 years ago. Not as if they are in a classroom - instead, it is almost like the guests are actually there! Prof. Applehill will have them engaged in the trip and all things Egyptian!

This is an interactive show with costumes for 2 "guards." A modern day girl is also transformed into the "Queen of the Nile". Children learn about heiroglyphics, pyramids, inventions and the wealth of Egypt. Magic tricks are used to illustrate these concepts and items. 

Photo of Prof. Applehill, a Texas children's entertainer dressed in a khaki outfit with pith helmet.   Picture of childrens character Professor Applehill with egyptian props from his show.
Has he found a clue? Or is it treasure from the tomb? Have a look to decide for yourself!   A few colorful props from the show. Do you recognize the location in the book?

To invite Professor Applehill, send us a Price Request form!

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