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Your Halloween party can be the event everyone talks about,
with facepainting, fiery jugglers, friendly witches, fun wizards, scarecrows,
and The Count on the piano! We have entertainers for Dia De Los Muertos, too!
And if you have a Fall Festival, Singing Bird will delight, entertain,
and educate your guests about Thanksgiving!

Making Monsters - Halloween Face Paint

If you have boys, you know how difficult it is to get them to sit still for a hair cut, a photo, or anything else. When our face painters start turning boys into monsters, they line up and sit still as stones! Why do boys like pollywogs, canteens, jack knives, and monsters? We don't know, but we DO know they LOVE our monster designs! Your guests will be roaring, posing, and doing all kinds of monstery things.

The Halloween party will be an even bigger hit with a Funny Business face painter. Add costumes, a heap of candy, and you have an event the guests will talk about for months to come!

For a special, no calorie treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form to get a facepainter for your party!

Picture of monster face paint.
In addition to acting like monsters, each monster explains their monster characteristics. For example, the skull face zombie apparently eats brains, while the skull mask zombie eats hearts. Your guests may take being a monster very seriously!
Picture of Halloween face paint - scary clown. Pic of zombie monster face paint. Photo of monster Halloween skull face.
Boys and girls love our monster designs!
Even a cool boy smiles!
Don't tell them they are wearing makeup!
Photograph of Halloween monster skull facepaint. Picture of giant spider face paint. Photo of full face Halloween skull monster face paint design.
"I want a monster skull face, with big teeth, oh, and blood - lots of blood! Thank you!" Don't worry, Mom, it washes off with soap. While most grown ups would scream with a giant spider on our face, this little guy couldn't be happier ! Do you want your guests to smile like this? A Funny Business face painter is a great way to make your guests happy!
A Halloween delight - Patchy the Scarecrow!
Photograph of Patchy, a clown scarecrow character with a crow puppet.
Always a favorite - Jimmy the Crow steals Patchy's corn, right after promising not to steal, ever again!

Have you ever watched a movie with a scarecrow character and fallen in love with that silly, straw-stuffed creation? If you have, then you can already imagine how many people at your event will find Patchy to be an adorable addition! She is cute to look at, and with her silly ways, she is cute when she spends time with your guests. Patchy's costume is perfect for Halloween, yet while she may have a head stuffed with straw, her face painting is outstanding. Her balloon animals are wonderful, too, so when you want an entertainer for facepaint or balloons who fits well with your Halloween decorations, you want Patchy!

Patchy is also a hit when you give her a place to set up and perform her show. With puppet characters like Jimmy the Crow, the crowd finds lots of reasons to love the show! The guests will be laughing as they follow along with Patchy's program, laughing at how silly Patchy can be, giggling because of the puppets, or clapping in delight for the audience helpers who star in the show. Patchy may be silly with a head full of straw, yet Margaret is a skilled performer who knows how to make the show 'just right' for you! She can even deliver walk-around entertainment, mingling among the guests with Jimmy the Crow, or a puppet people absolutely adore - Patchy's unicycling smaller twin - a darling scarecrow marionette!

Not sure what direction to arrange for Patchy? No worries! We suggest you just bring Patchy in, and then stand back! With puppets, props, and wonderful comedy, she'll be the life of the party!

For an extra treat for trick-or-treaters at your party, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

Fire Performance
Mouseover image of a Dallas Ft. Worth fire eater in action.
At ren fairs, fire breathing is a popular attraction. You don't have to go back in time for this special spectacle!

Fire is a powerful, elemental force. It was considered one of the four forms of matter, and even today, people are spellbound by flames. This is part of the allure with a fire performer like David! When you look in the eyes of your guests, you'll see the light of flames in their wide eyes, and hear them gasp at the roar of fire burning in the night air. A brilliant ball of fire that pauses every conversation and catches every eye; that is something they'll remember!

Whether you want a fire breather, someone who juggles flaming torches, or flaming pots, we have one of the most skilled, most pleasant, and overall nicest performers available! With years experience (he started before he was even a teenager) your guests wil be amazed at his skill, and they'll be entertained by his performance!

David does more than breathe fire - he can also juggle it, with swinging firepots or flaming torches. Bring him to your event, and add a new spark to the Halloween party this year!

For a hot change this year, send a Halloween entertainment request form for our fire performer and really set the party alight!

Picture of a juggler juggling with flaming torches. Photo of a juggler with flaming fire pots. Picture of a juggler on a unicycle juggling flaming torches.
Flaming torches cast a spell of their
, leaving fiery trails in the night.
Like leashed comets, David whirls and
twirls the fire pots
- mesmerizing guests!
If you have the room, David can
with flaming torches!
Jolly & Golly Scarecrow Clowns
Photograph of two scarecrow clown characters.

Take a couple of the best clowns at Funny Business, and have them create a scarerow character for the fall season, and what have you got? Jolly and Golly! Both of them are good puppeteers, face painters balloon artists, and engaging performers. Bring in Jolly or Golly for that hay ride, Halloween party, or fall festival. They are excellent with children, and your guests will fall in love with their puppet antics!

For something a little different, Jolly or Golly can offer a Halloween Safety show for your little trick-or-treaters! The safety show uses children from the audience as characters who learn what and what not to do when trick-or-treating. In addition, the show features spiders, ghosts, and skeletons (puppets, of course!) who dance to fun music. There is a lot to keep the audience laughing, guessing, and enjoying with this program.

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

Photo of two clown scarecrow character.
Golly & Jolly making a hay ride a whole lot more fun.   Golly & Jolly with a few puppet friends.
From the Wizard Academy - Professor Tuttle
Photograph of Professor Tuttle, a classic wizard style magician, with floating silver sphere.
Professor Tuttle sharing a magic moment with his floating ball.

Straight from the Salem Institute of Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks, where he is the department head of Wizard vs. Muggle magic, it's Professor Tuttle! A magician who looks the part, with wonderful, mystifying magic, such as his Silver Steel Floating Sphere (shades of quidditch!) Professor Tuttle has many years experience with children audiences, engaging them with laughter, quick wit, and the kind of magic that kids adore. His costume is outstanding, and honestly, if all teachers were like Professor Tuttle, wouldn't we love going to school?

Professor Tuttle is a highly experienced children's entertainer (you might recognize him from our Clowns page or the Balloon Artist page) who is funny, and does the stuff that looks like real magic! His show is a hit with kids who love the Potter movies, and Prof. Tuttle is always in character during his program. Your guests will feel that they had a magical field trip to a magical place! Wiggle your nose, tug your left ear, make a wish, and Professor Tuttle will appear!

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

From the Wizard Academy - Professor Moon
Pic of Professor Moon, a wizard style magician, with magical props.
Professor Moon ready for class!

Do you have a Potter fan in the family? Does someone have wizards on the brain? If so, Professor Moon is the cure! Professor Moon has captured the wizard persona so perfectly, he has performed for Harry Potter book releases and movie openings! Professor Moon is great with children, and his magic show is awesome. How awesome? The highlight is when he brings out his magical assistant - a LIVE tarantula! Is it a spider, or Valdemort in disguise?

Don't worry, he won't leave that special guest behind, but you can already hear the kids shouting and howling with delight at a large, fat, furry spider, can't you? Like we said, this is truly a wizard academy style magic, and Professor Moon is a senior member in the department! Not only is he great at magic, Professor Moon is also fabulous with kids, entertaining them and establishing a meaningful connection. In December, he performs as a Santa for us. (He has such a winning way, he is one of our most popular Santas!) He has lots of experience, a whole bootle of bully surprises, and the perfect look for a wizard fan. Make a Halloween wish, and let Professor Moon help it to come true!

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

Witch Cinde
Photograph of Friendly the Witch, a halloween entertainer available in the Dallas Ft. Worth area.
Witch Cinde conjuring a howling good time!

Of all the images associated with Halloween, the witch is the most common. They generally wear black - black dress, black cape, black top, and pointed black hat. Witches have cats as familiars (black, of course) carry a kettle, and ride a broom. Generally, witches are not the first choice for Halloween entertainment for the kids. Unless you know Witch Cinde!

She's as friendly as Mr. Rogers, and warm as her smile. Kids will love Cinde! They'll love her kettle filled with fun, they'll love her kid-friendly show, and they'll love the magical Halloween adventures they will have with Cinde. She's an accomplished magician, a speedy face painter, and can make balloon animals almost by magic. Her black costume is not dusty; she doesn't have a long nose; and in case anyone is allergic, she doesn't have a cat! In fact, she won't even arrive on a broom. Instead, she will add a special quality to your event, making this year's Halloween party one of the best ever!

Or perhaps you would like a show? Halloween Hi-jinks is performed by Witch Cinde. The shows are family oriented with music, magic, puppets, audience participation, and loads of fun all centered around Halloween and the Autumn Season. The shows are not scary for young kids and are entertaining for the young as well as the old.

To scare up some extra fun, send a Halloween request!

Cap'n Cinde
Photograph of Pirate Cap'n Cinde, holding a parrot puppet.
The Cap'n with Polly the Pirate Parrot.

What's a pirate's favorite letter? Rrrrrrr!
Cap'n Cinde is a rarity - a pirate with good teeth, and no bad breath. Even so, she is as just as much fun as the other kind of pirate, and a lot more pleasant to have around! Can Blackbeard face paint a restless 4 year old? Can Capt. Kidd make a balloon sword for the swabs? Cap'n Cinde can! With her lovely costume and kid approved skills, she's a roaring success at parties!

While Captain Jack is highly popular, he can't put on a magic show that will have the kids giggling, laughing, and joining in on the magic. Cap'n Cinde can, though. This is why our favorite pirate is - Cap'n Cinde! Did we metion puppets? Polly the Pirate Puppet is a regular part of the show, and your kids will love her.

What's a pirate's favorite food? Pepprrrr-oni pizza!

Children are drawn to pirates, and you'll be happy to let them spend some time with Cap'n Cinde. She is great with kids, very patient, and skilled at entertaining. Whether you want her for face painting, balloons, walk around, or a show, you'll be glad that Capn' Cinde dropped anchor and came ashore!

For a boatload of Halloween fun, raise the sails and send off a Halloween request!

The Great Pumpkin
Photo of person in a giant pumpkin costume.
Here at last - the Great Pumpkin!

For young audiences, Patchy the Scarecrow is an adorable choice. Another fun option is the Great Pumpkin a.k.a. Debbie. Debbie has a cute, friendly pumpkin costume that is almost as big as her energy. Debbie can be at your event to mingle with guests, help distribute party favors, and add some fun as a costume character. She can do that, and she can do much, much more!

Debbie can lead the children in games (which is a nice way to offset that sugar rush!) with music provided by Debbie. Would you like a fun magic show? Debbie can offer that for your Halloween or fall festival party! Perhaps you want someone who can face paint and make balloon animals for the guests - the Great Pumpkin can provide that for you!

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

Theme Music by The Count
Photograph of John the Piano Man posing by a grand piano.
The Count, posing with a friend.

By day, he is dressed like an ordinary mortal. You might stand beside him in the coffee shop, or pass him without looking twice in the grocery store. Let night fall in the Halloween season, and he is changed into - The Count! For countless centuries he has entertained at parties, perfecting his musical and entertainment skills. When guests arrive at your house, they will be treated to a musical buffet of achingly beautiful, appropriate music, played by The Count in full costume. Will that add Halloween ambience, or what?

You can get a piano player for your party - or you can get The Count. He really is a talented pianist (after 400 years, he ought to be!) and even better, he has a personality to fill the room. Think of the great personalities associated with the piano - Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis, Liberace. Good musicians, all, yet it was the personality which gave their performance an immortal touch. That same touch of the immortal is available to you when you arrange for The Count. Your guests will remember the party for a long time to come - the decor, the atmosphere, and the music performed by the one and only, Count!

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

Day of the Dead - Dia De Los Muertos

Sooooooooo - what do people think of our entertainers for Day of the Dead? This review came to us in 2012 after we spent the day interacting with guests. For face paint, balloon art, or even music, we have people who are just perfect for your event!

I wanted to send a quick thank you to all of you for doing such an AMAZING job at our Dia de los Muertos festival. We had about 850 people here that day and they LOVED interacting with and watching you all help us celebrate this tradition.

We are so grateful to know wonderful local artists such as yourselves and hope to see back here at the LCC in the near future!

Thank you again!

Patricia Morales
Cultural Programs Coordinator
Latino Cultural Center
Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Dallas

Harvest/Fall Festival Events
A Texas Favorite - Patchy!
Photograph of Patchy, a clown scarecrow character with a crow puppet.
Always a favorite - Jimmy the Crow steals Patchy's corn, right after promising not to steal, ever again!

Patchy is a lovely, lovable scarecrow with straw instead of brains. With her warm ways and wide smile, Patchy makes friends and fans wherever she goes. Whether delivering an entertaining, educational program for children (Celebrate the Harvest), or performing walk around entertainment, Patchy is always a hit! This character is excellent for the fall season, an icon come to life who fits perfectly with Halloween and fall festivals. You'll laugh at the routines with Jimmy the Crow, and absolutely adore her unicycling smaller twin, a darling scarecrow marionette.

Would you like face painting or balloon sculptures at your party? Patchy is one of the best in the area! Children and adults enjoy Patchy, and laugh easily at her hijinks. We suggest you just bring Patchy in, and then stand back. With puppets, props, and wonderful comedy, she'll be the life of the party!

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

Pic of Singing Bird, a native american character for Thanksgiving.
Singing Bird with Thanksgiving props.

Singing Bird

Many of us remember that Thanksgiving is the celebration of a famous fall meal when the Pilgrims ate with the Native Americans. Often, our perspective on Thanksgiving is from the Pilgrims. Singing Bird presents the other side of that famous meal, the view of the Native Americans. Her program shares knowledge of Native American culture as she shares her knowledge of Thanksgiving symbols and traditions.

In a buckskin costume, there are puppets, stories, and many props to illustrate Native American life at that time. Children are invited to imagine a time without text messages, cell phones, television, or refrigerators. Without Nintendo, how did Native American children play? They'll find out after Singing Bird's program, the Story of Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful program for school and church fall festivals!

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

Picture of Golly Thanksgiving with large turkey puppet.
Turkey Lurkey, ready to talk about - gulp - Thanksgiving!

Golly Thanksgiving

Who were the Pilgrims? What did they look like? Golly will help these people from the past come alive for children with her program, Golly Thanksgiving. Dressed in the solemn attire of a female Pilgrim, Golly breathes life into the people we've read about. During her program, she will share some history of Thanksgiving, and explain why she (a Pilgrim) is thankful on this day.

Golly won't be alone, though. She'll have her good friend, Turkey Lurkey, to help tell a story about Thanksgiving. She'll have a hand-clapping version of the classic children's song Turkey In The Straw to get the kids roused. In addition, Golly will have her Native American puppet friend join the program, too, with a counting song. Children will finish the show captivated by Golly's portrayal of a historical character, understanding why we would set aside a day for giving thanks, and bursting with stories of their new friend, Turkey Lurkey! This is a wonderful show for preschools and church fall festivals.

For an extra treat this season, send a Halloween entertainment request form!

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