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Along with the options on this page, we have other fun additions. Have a look at our magicians, who can present a show, or walk among the guests, sharing magic. We have clowns to get giggles wherever they go, and a popular add-on, our petting zoo the Funny Farm. Talk to us for all kinds of extra fun!

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Patriotic Patty - one of a kind entertainment
Photograph of United States flag with confetti all around, held by Patriotic Patty.

Patriotic Patty makes a flag
magically appear plus confetti!
(Click to count the confetti!)

Hurray for the USA - excellent for schools, Scouts, and libraries!
Celebrate the USA with this wonderful show featuring puppets Uncle Sam, Keisha and Elmer. Rich with many patriotic symbols, this program shares history of our flag, the Statue of Liberty and the American eagle. There are lots of laughs as young Keisha tries to learn a patriotic song. As 3-year olds often do, she confuses the words adding some of her own which keeps the audience smiling and laughing. At the end of the show, while singing The Star Spangled Banner, an American flag magically appears while a shower of red, white and blue confetti bursts over the audience. With songs like God Bless America, storytelling, magical effects, puppets and ventriloquism, there is something for everyone in this show! Your heart will burst with pride at this celebration of our magnificent country.

Let Freedom Ring© - should be 3 and up
This interactive hand bell program is a chance for the audience to share the pride they feel for the United States. There is comedy, there are puppets (like Uncle Sam), and there is patriotic magic - with the special touch of hand bells, played by the audience! With only 2 minutes of instruction, the participants learn to play bells and perform a noble, patriotic song as the grand finale of the show.

Liberty Bells© - for all ages
You've listened to the beautiful music of bell choirs at churches. How stirring to fill the air of your festival or event with patriotic bell music - especially when your guests are the musicians! The Liberty Bells© is a come & go show for people strolling through an event. Guests are invited to join Patty and ring the bells for songs such as Yankee Doodle, Battle Hymn of the Republic, America the Beautiful, You're A Grand Old Flag, God Bless America and The Star Spangled Banner. Generally, people spend 10 minutes with The Liberty Bells© show. Patriotic Patty takes just a couple of minutes to train an audience to play the songs with her visual music cards. Adults love it as much as the children! This can engage up to 200 people per hour at a festival or outdoor event! ideal for large venues and multi-hour events! Powerful, emotional reactions come from having The Liberty Bells© or Let Freedom Ring© program at your event!

Picture of Margaret Clauder as Patriotic Patty with Uncle Sam puppet.
Photo of Margaret Clauder saluting with Uncle Sam puppet.
Photograph of Margaret Clauder as Patriot Patty holding an Uncle Sam puppet.

Patriotic Patty & Uncle Sam, ready for holiday fun! (Click to get closer!)

Salute the USA with Patriotic Patty!
(Click to join this salute!)

Giving Uncle Sam the stage!
(Click for a closer view of Sam)

To book Patriotic Patty or the Liberty Bells, send a 4th of July request.

Photo of patriotic cowboy stiltwalker with a girl.
Photograph of Uncle Sam stilt walker and Statue of Liberty stiltwalker at Lone Star Park, Texas.
Photograph of Uncle Sam stiltwalker with a small child.

Our Patriotic Cowboy.
(See how tall he is!)

Uncle Sam & the Statue of Liberty at Lone Star
Park. (Check out the flaming torch!)

Uncle Sam - Texas Tall!
(Get even closer!)

Photograph of Uncle Sam stiltwalker with firefighters at Lone Star Park.

Stiltwalkers are a classic element for Independence Day. We can provide you with outstanding stiltwalkers dressed as Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty, or a patriotic cowboy! Our entertainers have years of experience, and will meet your 'heightened' expectations perfectly!

Add some giant entertainment at your event - send a 4th of July request for your event!

Picture of Uncle Sam stiltwalker with cowboy stiltwalker and children.

Uncle Sam at Lone Star Park (Know these badge numbers?)


Our Cowboy rounds up Uncle
Sam & friends. (Get closer!)

To book our stiltwalkers, send a 4th of July request.

Face paint
Photo thumbnail of a girl with a patriotic facepaint design.
Photograph of a woman with a patriotic eye design.
Photo of a girl with a patriotic rainbow design.

Red, white, and blue designs!
(Look closer for the full effect.)

Fly your colors with a touch of elegance! (Get a bigger view of this design!)

Rainbows and stars - patriotic
whimsy! (See it closer here!)

People just love the 4th of July. You see beautiful flags waving everywhere you look. Men wear ties with flag designs and at events, there are all kinds of red, white, and blue outfits. Face paint can add another dimension to your celebration. Our designs are pretty - the painters featured are highly skilled - and we have several patriotic designs. We keep them topical, and pretty enough for girls and ladies. They'll be proud to show their patriotic spirit with face paint designs from one of these painters!

Beautify your guests in the spirit of the 4th - send us a 4th of July request !

Example of face paint by Angie Anders.   Picture of a fourth of july eye design done in face paint.

Elegant design of the U.S. flag by Angie Anders. (Want to count the stars?)


Another eye enhancement with stars
and swirls! (Check out the stars!)

To book a facepainter, send a 4th of July request.

Balloon Art
Photograph of balloon artist in red, white, and blue.

Book a high energy balloon
artist with lots of hot air!

For your Fourth of July celebration you'll probably have hot dogs, hamburgers, cold drinks, patriotic music, and you'll want to add plenty of fun. Balloons are always fun, and our balloon artists will dress in patriotic colors! You get an artist who fits in perfectly with the theme of your celebration, and your guests get extra fun! They'll have fun hats, pretty bracelets, and lovable sculptures they hug and hold all day long! Put the fun and color of the 4th right into the hands of your guests with a balloon artist from Funny Business!

To book a balloon artist, send a 4th of July request.

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