Maricela sitting out on a bench with her puppet posse!

A photograph of Maricela, a singing children's entertainer, sitting on a bench with her puppet friends such as Grandma, Victor, Meme and Momo.

Maricela with Grandma, Sylvester, Sylvia, Victor, Meme,
& Momo, who make up the heart of her puppet friends!

When you have Maricela at your birthday party, she will play games with the guests, and sing songs that they will enjoy. She will also bring puppet friends, and if you've ever watched children with puppets, you know how compelling this is as entertainment! Grandma sings (yes, Maricela is a ventriloquist) and she is very sweet, providing a calming phase during the party, and urging the children to be kind and sweet. Victor (second from the right) is a deep voiced, opera singing turtle! Sylvester and Sylvia (the gorillas on the left and right hand sides) are, well, little gorillas! Meme and Momo (closest to Maricela on the left and right sides of her) are boy and girl twins who are bilingual. Meme teaches Spanish words, and Momo teaches English words.

As you can tell, these are highly developed puppet people with distinct personalities. Maricela takes it even further when a puppet will ask for the birthday child by name, and then surprise the birthday child by stating facts about their life. Perhaps they recently learned to ride a bicycle, got a good grade on school work, or there is some other point from their life - the puppet knows and asks about this at the party! Not only does this give the child a chance to be proud, it also makes the puppet seem even more alive! With a bilingual, singing program, fun games, and continuing puppet show, Maricela will have no trouble filling the time at your party!

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